Why Blog?

Why I Blog

Well, to be honest, I am starting this blog because I have finally built up the courage and confidence to do so. There was always some excuse holding me back from publishing a blog or even telling others I wanted to create a blog- I don’t have enough time, no one would even read it, the blogging niche is too saturated, I’m not talented/ knowledgeable enough… the list goes on and on. Truth be told, I had a blog at one point but never made it public. Why? Because I kept coming up with “what if’s” instead of just going for it. So now I’m going for it… thus, here we are 🙂

Beauty is without a doubt my first love. I’ve always loved all things makeup since I can remember. I enjoy testing out new products, sharing my tips and tricks, and to be honest, putting my make up on is usually the highlight of my day (no pun intended 😉 ) I have had people ask me how I do my makeup- brows, contour, eye shadow, etc. and what products I use for some time now and I want to have a platform to share that! I am not claiming to know absolutely everything about make up nor be a professional make up artist for that matter. I’m just trying to share about what makeup I love and why with others! Most recently, I’ve been really into skincare for many different reasons as well (that’s a whole other post in itself 🙂 ) because let me tell you, I’m not trying to get wrinkles any sooner then I have to, lol!

All things beauty have always inspired me and that has sparked interest in my own personal style. As a 20-something woman, trying to shop on a budget while still looking cute and trendy is sometimes easier said than done. Over the years, I’ve learned what looks best on my body type, what trends will come and go, what I totally regret buying, and much more. I’d like to share my fashion finds and personal style with others.

When it comes to lifestyle, I want to share my little pieces of happiness from my life with you all :). Whether that’s décor finds to easy recipes (because we all know if it’s not easy to cook, I’m not doing it lol) or travel diaries to DIY projects. I want to share part of my life with those who can relate or enjoy reading. Ultimately, my goal is to write about what I’m passionate about in hopes that someone out there on the world-wide web relates or feels inspired!

Besides beauty, personal style, and lifestyle, I just want to write about whatever I’m feeling at the moment. I’ve been wanting to publish a blog for a few years now and never had the courage (at one point I had one and deleted it 🙁 ). I figured that no one would care about what I had to share or people would make fun of me; the list goes on and on. But honestly, WHO CARES?! I am starting this blog for me, myself, and I. Even if my sister and Darin are the only ones who read it, then that’s ok! This blog will be an amazing platform to share my passions and ultimately look back on years from now. So with that, please feel free to comment and subscribe to my newsletter because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by!

Xoxo Brittany


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