Graphic Tees, I Can’t Get Enough! Halloween Edition!

Brittany Trautman - Graphic Tees

How is it Halloween?! I feel like last week it was the first week of September and now we are almost in November. HOW?! Do you guys have any fun plans? The hubs and I are going to stay home, binge Stranger Things season 2, and pass out candy. This is my first Halloween I’m not traveling for work and am able to pass out candy soooo I think I may be more excited than any of the kids that stop by, lol.

Alrighty, so last week’s blog post was about OTK boots because I put a poll on  my instagram (brittanyd_trautman) asking you guys if you wanted to see how I style OTK boots or my fav graphic tees. OTK boots won by majority but I promised that I would also share my fav graphic tees. So TA-DA! Here we are!

I would wear graphic tees all day, every day if it were socially acceptable. I mean, who doesn’t love a fun tee that they can dress up or down? My favorite way (which will not shock you 🙂 ) is to wear them with leggings. It spices up a simple leggings and top look to make it a little more fun. However, I do like to wear graphic tees with jeans and dress it up from time to time!

With the holidays, graphic tees are definitely my go-to’s. I looooove being able to wear something cute during the holidays to change it up from the normal orange/black tee or red/green sweater, if ya know what I mean? I’m sharing mostly fall/Halloween related tees below in lieu that today is HALLOWEEN! But I also have some that would be great year round.

I have some favorite stores when it comes to graphic tees that NEVER disappoint me: Target, Four Sisters Boutique, and Cents of Style.

Target is always my go to because let’s be honest, I’m there WAY more than I should be. But, I’m not mad about it! I picked up this “Pumpkin Spice Everything” tee for the fall season because like I’ve probably said before, I’m the basic white girl who loves all things pumpkin (no shame). Target always has the cutest graphic tees that are always reasonable/inexpensive in price. Most/ if not all of the Halloween graphic tees are marked down right now since it’s Halloween and a lot are under $10!!! Anddd, if you want to check it out, Target featured me on their #TargetStyle and Trends pages rocking the Pumpkin Spice Life tee!

Brittany Trautman - Graphic Tees

Brittany Trautman - Graphic Tees

Brittany Trautman - Graphic Tees

I Want All The Candy Tee (This is an accurate description of my life. If you know me, you know I would eat candy for every meal if I could)

Jack O Wink Tee 

Don’t Be a Basic Witch Tee

200% Tired Tee (Because who isn’t always tired… Just me??)

Four Sisters Boutique is an Omaha Boutique as well as an online boutique and since Omaha is my first home, I’m all about supporting local! Four Sisters had THE cutest holiday shirts last year. So naturally I snagged one up for Halloween this year and I’m not lying when I say THIS MAY BE MY FAVORITE SHIRT OF ALLLL TIME. I’m a child at heart so Hocus Pocus is definitely in my top 5 favorite movies and without a doubt my favorite Halloween movie. So it was a no brainer that I HAD to have this one. I think this one is only in stores, so if you’re in the Omaha area, go snag one before they’re gone. Or you can call and order in store! Again, if it were socially acceptable to wear graphic tees all year round, I would totally rock this one in like… March lol. They also have some other Halloween/ Fall tees I had my eyes on but didn’t end up grabbing. However, I’m suuuuper excited to see what they come out with this holiday season! Also, if you’re a Nebraska/ Husker gal, they have fun game day tees too! Since today is Halloween, they’re offering 25% off of Halloween shirts with code ‘HALLOWEEN25‘, in store and online! Go grab a last minute tee if you have a chance or snag one up for a steal for next year!

Brittany Trautman - Graphic Tees Brittany Trautman - Graphic Tees Brittany Trautman - Graphic Tees Brittany Trautman - Graphic Tees

Trick or Treat Yo Self Tee

Food Coma Tee (PS how perf is this for Thanksgiving… or everday 😉 )

Saturday In The Midwest (where my Midwest girls at?!)

Lastly, I love the graphic tees Cents of Style has. They have a lot of tees that can be worn year round and they ALWAYS have free shipping. Is a shipping charge sometimes a deal breaker for anyone else? I somehow always convince myself to make a purchase when there’s free shipping, lol. Use code ‘trautman‘ at checkout and get 20% off of your purchase (this applies to anything on the website, not just graphic tees 🙂 )

Be Kind Tee

First, Coffee Tee (because, always.)

#momlife Tee (for all my mamas out there!)

Comment below your fav graphic tees that I should check out!

Xoxo Brittany

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OTK Boots: The Fall/Winter Trend You HAVE to Try


Brittany Trautman OTK Boots Brittany Trautman OTK Boots Brittany Trautman OTK Boots

Happy Friday Eve my friends! Can you believe next week is Halloween?! Where did all the time go?! I feel like it shouldn’t be Halloween yet because it just recently started getting cooler here in KC. But with Halloween fast approaching, that means all the good movies on AMC and Freeform (aka ABC Family) have started playing so I’m ok with it 🙂

I put up a poll on my instagram (go check it out if you haven’t alreaady  @brittanyd_trautman) 🙂 And I asked what you guys wanted to see more… how to style OTK boots or my fav graphic tees. How to style OTK boots won with about 70% of the votes so here you are my loves! (And don’t worry if you voted for graphic tees… that’ll be coming soon. I got you girl!)

So last year I really saw the OTK (over the knee) boots trend take off. I wasn’t sure if the trend was going to stay and to be honest, they kinda intimidated me so I just stuck to my tried and true booties last year. But when I saw they were here to stay and on trend again this year, I decided that I would try them for myself. Like I said, I was intimidated by OTK boots… yes, intimidated by a pair of boots, lol 🙂 . I think it was a combination of the higher price point of most of the boots I found, the whole ‘over the knee’ thing was daunting to me, and mainly because they make more of a statement than booties do. I feel like there’s some people who think OTK boots are like, “promiscuous” (I don’t know the right word, lol), in a way. Which I felt too! BUT then I realized, it’s all about how you style them! Not to mention, another thing holding me back from going for it was my preconceived notion that short people couldn’t wear them. Which yes, I tried on a few that were major no’s for my stubby legs, but you just have to find the right length/fit for  your legs!

Now that I’m obsessed with OTK boots, I want them in every color! I found my boots at Nordstrom Rack for a steal (under $55 woohoo!), so I’m definitely wanting to add some black ones to my collection! I decided to try out flat OTK boots to start with. I recommend starting with a flat boot if you’re not sure about the trend and then moving to a heel or a bold color. Again, I was intimidated even more by the OTK boots with any sort of heel because in my mind, that was too over the top… silly me! Now I’ve totally got my eye on a few pairs that have the perfect 2/3 inch chunky/block heel that are ADORABLE! There are definitely some higher-end OTK boots that I hear other fashion bloggers rave about that I have on my wishlist. But for now, these boots are my new staple!

The first outfit I paired the boots with was my favorite… because it was the easiest 😉 . I grabbed my favorite pair of black leggings, a basic white cold shoulder top that covered my butt (exact style here // similar top here), and paired it with a blanket scarf (my scarf is old, but this one is almost identical and under $10!). And voila! It’s as easy as that! You can pair these boots with your favorite leggings, a simple top and a scarf and run out the door. This outfit is perfect for a lunch date, errands, or even the pumpkin patch! The boots definitely make the outfit look more put together and like you tried a little harder than you actually did 🙂

The second outfit was suuuper easy too! I just paired the boots with a dress from my closet that hit me right above the knee. This one here is from Francesca’s last year and I couldn’t find it online, but this dress is a similar shape and style. I found it looked awkward on me to pair the boots with a dress that covered the top of the boots and made me look even shorter, but do what looks best on you! With the slit of my knees peeking through, I found it made my legs look longer and made the look a little more flirty without showing too much skin. This look would be great for an event, holiday party, church, or anywhere you want to dress up to. And, how freaking beautiful are these earrings! I love this hunter/forest green for the fall and winter!

The third outfit is definitely going to be my go to for our next date night… hint hint Darin 😉 I paired the boots with my current favorite jeans, a simple black blouse, and a black leather jacket. This top is cute on it’s own because it has bell sleeves and ruffles which gives it a more feminine vibe and spices up a basic black blouse. (I bought this one at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and they don’t carry it anymore. But here is an almost identical one!) To add a little edge and warmth, I added a black faux leather jacket (mine is really old, but here’s a similar & inexpensive one!). Usually I don’t tend to mix browns and blacks, but these boots are more of a mix between brown and gray so the two colors contrasted with each other perfectly. I love this look because it’s simple yet chic and once again, is super easy to put together with items you probably already have in your closet!

These are the other OTK boots I have on my wishlist: Heartbeat Over The Knee Boot // Krush Over The Knee Boot //  Target Over The Knee Boot

Let me know below if you’ve tried OTK boots and what your favorite ways to wear them are! If not, let me know if you’re going to try them 🙂

Xoxo Brittany

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Transitioning Your Summer Wardrobe into Fall


Brittany Trautman - Summer to Fall Fashion

Brittany Trautman - Summer to Fall Fashion

Brittany Trautman - Summer to Fall Fashion

Brittany Trautman - Summer to Fall Fashion

Brittany Trautman - Summer to Fall Fashion

Brittany Trautman - Summer to Fall Fashion

Brittany Trautman - Summer to Fall Fashion

Brittany Trautman - Summer to Fall Fashion

I have this theory that here in KC, it’s going to go straight from 80+ degrees to just 30 below at any moment. Just summer to winter.. no fall. As soon as September hit, my basic-white girl self 😉 was starting to decorate our house for fall, taking my fall/winter boots out of storage, ordering PSL’s, and watching Hocus Pocus. But apparently Mother Nature had a different idea of how fall would go. Here in KC, it’s felt pretty much like summer up until now. We’ve had a few breezy/cooler days mixed in since September, but nothing that actually makes it feel like fall! 🙁 I have to admit, I couldn’t even drink all of my first PSL of the year because I’m pretty sure that day it was almost 90 degrees and it was too hot for that nonsense! As I’ve been patiently awaiting the cooler temps and changing of the leaves, I haven’t been able to break out my new pieces for fall yet. I mean, at this rate, if fall never happens, you better believe I’m going out in my comfy sweaters, favorite jeans, and over the knee boots in 80 degrees because I’m not above that! 🙂 Up until now, I’ve been trying to incorporate my favorite fall pieces with my staple summer ones. It’s not as hard as I initially thought it would be, to be honest. Obviously, you don’t want to reach for something that is heavy and meant to keep you warm because you will be sweating your booty off! But if you take those light fall transitional pieces and pair them with sandals, your favorite tank, or peep toe booties, you can easily mix and match your traditional summer pieces with your fall ones.

Corduroy is one of the fall trends I saw last fall and it’s definitely back again this year. Any other 90’s babies out there used to rock corduroy all the time back in the day?! Anywho, I love this corduroy skirt because its in this beautiful maroon/wine color that is picture perfect for fall. Skirts seem to be making a comeback this year too. Maybe I just wasn’t aware of the trend last year, but I stuck mainly to pants and dresses. But this year, I’ve seen girls rocking jean skirts and much more. I love the buttons down the front of this one too. Oh, and it’s not extremely short either which is nice! And, on the flip side, I always have trouble with the lengths of bottoms because I’m only 5’2″ so this one was the perfect length! The one I’m wearing is super affordable  from Forever 21, so if you’re not into the corduroy trend or maybe the bold color, it’s an inexpensive price to try the trend!

This off the shoulder white top is one of the staples in my closet! It’s perfect to throw on with jeans or pair with any colored bottom. Mine is from last summer, so I’ve linked a some similar tops below. I love wearing it as a one shoulder too because sometimes I get annoyed with off the shoulder tops and having to constantly pull them down. Anyone else? I also love this white off the shoulder top because it puts a twist on the classic white tee that most people have in their closets. It can be paired with anything. 

So the main way I transitioned this outfit from summer to fall was with my shoes; super easy! I have had these sandals for FOREVER, so I’m linking something similar below. But I just swapped out the sandals with some booties to add a fall touch to the outfit. It’s an easy way to keep cool with your summer clothes but still transitioning your outfits to have a fall inspo. I kept this look pretty minimal and I’m all about easy, so just focusing on the shoes made it a breeze! If it was a little cooler, you could even add a long sleeve top or cute cardi to throw over

I’m praying that we get those in between summer and winter temps here in KC soon because I’m not a fan of this warm weather in October. Fall  where are you?! Comment below what your favorite pieces are to transition from summer to fall!

What I’m Wearing: My Corduroy Skirt // Similar Skirt //  Similar Off the Shoulder Top // Similar Off the Shoulder Top // Similar Steve Madden Sandals // Similar Steve Madden Booties

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