The Best Sales for Black Friday 2017

Brittany Trautman Best Sales Black Friday 2017

I’m back… back again 😉 Even though I posted on Tuesday, I still wanted to get my normal Thursday post up just in time for all of the Black Friday sales! Did anyone else notice that this year a lot of brands started having pre-black Friday sales? This week a bunch of brands had great sales and I loved every second of it 🙂 I rounded up the best (and my fav) online sales to share with y’all! I myself am a shop-a-holic, but when it comes to Black Friday, I somehow always convince myself I need everything because it’s on sale! Does anyone else do that?? In years past, I have waited in long lines in the freezing cold but this past year, I have been doing most of my shopping online so I don’t even mess with that anymore and it’s AWESOME! I mean, who doesn’t want to skip the lines, snuggle up on the couch, watch a Christmas movie, and do some online shopping?!

Old Navy’s Black FriYAY 50% off sale (ends 11/24)

1. High-Rise Rockstar Skinny Jeans– I looooove these jeans because they’re super stretchy and the high-rise fit sucks everything in 😉 With the discount, they’re only $17.49!

2.Blush Vest– I’m a sucker for vests and I love pairing them with absolutely anything in the colder months. This one in blush is super cute and on trend right now. It also comes in a camo print. This vest is only $15 (wooohoooo!)

3.Velvet Ruffle Cami– This cami comes in 3 colors and the velvet is another hot trend right now. This would look perfect paired with a cardigan or even a leather jacket. It’s definitely a closet staple that can be worn a million ways. It’s only $12.50!

Express 50% off Everything Sale + Free Shipping (ends 11/25)

4. Ribbon Tie Cold Shoulder Sweater– You guys know I love bows/ dainty details and I haven’t seen any sweaters like this anywhere else! I love the mix of the bows on the shoulders with the cold shoulder detail. This sweater is $24.95

5. Plaid Wrap Tie Mini Skirt– I am intrigued by the new plaid trend that we’ve been seeing this year and this skirt makes me want to try it! I love the asymmetrical front and the wrap detail. I think this would be adorable for Christmas paired with a black sweater and OTK boots. This skirt is $24.95

6. Chenille Leggings– I definitely NEED these! Chenille has become popular this year and I’m loving it just as much as everyone else 🙂 It’s the softest, coziest material known to man kind, lol. So when I heard people raving about these chenille leggings, I knew I had to add them to my wishlist. They’re $29.95 which may seem a bit pricey for leggings, but these are LIQUID GOLD PEOPLE!

Loft Black Fri-Yay Collection (ends 11/23) // Use code ‘GIFTITUP’ for 40% off

7. Tie Cuff Sweater– Another item with bows, what can I say, I’m a girly girl, lol. I love the mix of the classic black and white and how the bows and the cuffs add flare to a basic sweater. This sweater is $29.70

8. Velvet Slip On Sneakers– The color of these is stunning! It’s called murky blue and looks like a blue/grey mix. There is a pink version of these slip on sneakers too! Again, velvet is trendy and I love slip on sneakers so these would be perfect to throw on and run out the door and would look great with leggings or jeans. They are $32.70!

9. Satin Sneakers– Again, this color is stunning! It’s a rose/gray color and the material is satin so naturally they look like a more chic/ dressed up version of a normal tennis shoe. They also come in a grey color as well. These are $29.70!

Nordstrom currently has a sale going on with 20%-55% off discounts (Ends 11/24)

10. Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick– These are a steal! Comparable in price to a lot of drug store lipsticks honestly. I’ve heard good things about these, so this price is great to try them at! I’ve got my eye on the shade ‘Amulet’ and they’re only $9!! FYI, they also have a lipstick/lip liner combo on sale for $15 too! (P.S. Nordstrom has a bunch of beauty goodies for a steal!)

11. Philosophy Shower Gel– I love the Philosophy cleanser as well as the shower gels. These smell AHHHMAZING! The holiday and classic scents are all included.. These would make perfect holiday gifts or even an easy ‘treat yo self’ gift 😉 The shower gel is on sale for $12

12. BP Studded Faux Leather Crossbody– This is a staple for any girl. It’s great quality at a great price, definitely something you can get a lot of use out of it. This crossbody is only $18.42!

These are just a few of my favorite items I have found, but there are sooo many other goodies I have on my wishlist. Happy Thanksgiving and shopping loves!!



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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes… the thing I should do more often but don’t :). Truth be told, I only wash my makeup brushes every 2-4 weeks depending on when I remember or have time. Gross, I know :(. It’s crazy because some of my brushes I use every single day, so when I get around to cleaning them, I want to kick myself in the booty for not doing it sooner!

For awhile, I was cleaning my brushes with just soap and my hands. It helped a bit, but it definitely didn’t get all of the product gunked up in the brushes out. Then I discovered one of my HOLY GRAIL makeup products! So per usual, I was scouring Amazon for random beauty products and stumbled upon the Makeup Brush Egg. I was intrigued right away because it was LESS THAN $2. Yes, you heard me right! At that point, I figured even if the product wasn’t the best, it’d be worth a shot for only $2. I got it with my prime 2 days later and it was worth every penny! 🙂

It’s a silicone makeup brush cleaner that is perfect for keeping in your makeup bag because of its size. It can fit in the palm of my hand perfectly. I love the smaller bristles at the top for eye brushes that have smaller heads and the bigger grooves for my larger face brushes. The grooves really help to get every nook and cranny in the brush. I personally just put a facial cleanser on my brush (any gentle facial cleanser will work) and then lather the brush up in warm water and start to scrub my brush against the brush cleaner. Once I see that the water coming off of my brush is clear and clean, I move on to the next brush! It’s super quick and easy and that’s the main reason why I like it!If anyone else is a makeup/ beauty lover like me, I’ve seen some really great products for cleaning your brushes on the market, but I didn’t want to pay a whole lot. Yes, I know in the grand scheme of things, none of those products are really too expensive, but in my mind, I’d rather spend that on an actual makeup product. Anyone else agree, or just me, lol. 🙂 I mean, $2… how can you go wrong with that?! But, a few other makeup brush cleaners I have on my wishlist are: Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat and The Uniqcare Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner.

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Why Blog?

Why I Blog

Well, to be honest, I am starting this blog because I have finally built up the courage and confidence to do so. There was always some excuse holding me back from publishing a blog or even telling others I wanted to create a blog- I don’t have enough time, no one would even read it, the blogging niche is too saturated, I’m not talented/ knowledgeable enough… the list goes on and on. Truth be told, I had a blog at one point but never made it public. Why? Because I kept coming up with “what if’s” instead of just going for it. So now I’m going for it… thus, here we are 🙂

Beauty is without a doubt my first love. I’ve always loved all things makeup since I can remember. I enjoy testing out new products, sharing my tips and tricks, and to be honest, putting my make up on is usually the highlight of my day (no pun intended 😉 ) I have had people ask me how I do my makeup- brows, contour, eye shadow, etc. and what products I use for some time now and I want to have a platform to share that! I am not claiming to know absolutely everything about make up nor be a professional make up artist for that matter. I’m just trying to share about what makeup I love and why with others! Most recently, I’ve been really into skincare for many different reasons as well (that’s a whole other post in itself 🙂 ) because let me tell you, I’m not trying to get wrinkles any sooner then I have to, lol!

All things beauty have always inspired me and that has sparked interest in my own personal style. As a 20-something woman, trying to shop on a budget while still looking cute and trendy is sometimes easier said than done. Over the years, I’ve learned what looks best on my body type, what trends will come and go, what I totally regret buying, and much more. I’d like to share my fashion finds and personal style with others.

When it comes to lifestyle, I want to share my little pieces of happiness from my life with you all :). Whether that’s décor finds to easy recipes (because we all know if it’s not easy to cook, I’m not doing it lol) or travel diaries to DIY projects. I want to share part of my life with those who can relate or enjoy reading. Ultimately, my goal is to write about what I’m passionate about in hopes that someone out there on the world-wide web relates or feels inspired!

Besides beauty, personal style, and lifestyle, I just want to write about whatever I’m feeling at the moment. I’ve been wanting to publish a blog for a few years now and never had the courage (at one point I had one and deleted it 🙁 ). I figured that no one would care about what I had to share or people would make fun of me; the list goes on and on. But honestly, WHO CARES?! I am starting this blog for me, myself, and I. Even if my sister and Darin are the only ones who read it, then that’s ok! This blog will be an amazing platform to share my passions and ultimately look back on years from now. So with that, please feel free to comment and subscribe to my newsletter because I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by!

Xoxo Brittany


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