Growing Into My Personal Style

Personal Style

As I have transitioned out of college girl wardrobe into adult mode wardrobe, I’ve found most of my wardrobe after graduating wasn’t necessarily wearable anymore. I bet I’m not the only one 🙂 I know we’ve all owned something that at one point we thought was the coolest/ most flattering piece of clothing and now we find ourselves saying, “WHAT WAS I THINKING?” I myself had more miniskirts, high heels, and random pieces of clothing that honestly made me question my own sanity, lol. Like I said, we’ve all been there (be honest  😉 ) and I wasn’t quite sure at first how to turn my overly tight/ teenie-bopper wardrobe into a wardrobe that could work for a young professional while still trendy. I first got rid of/ donated all pieces that didn’t fit or I completely loathed; Whether that was a dress that was way too tight or some old daisy duke shorts 🙂 After purging my closet of the unwantables/ embarrassing clothes, I then thought about what I wanted to keep and why. I wanted to keep the clothes that still fit me, yet were age appropriate or work appropriate. From there, I thought about what I wanted to look for when shopping or what I really needed.

My priority whenever I shop is to keep the price in mind. As a 24 year old/newlywed, buying a $100 dress or a pair of shoes that wouldn’t get much versatility isn’t always the best choice. I wouldn’t say I only buy things under a certain dollar amount, but searching for sales and finding clothes I can get the most use out of is a must. I try to stay realistic and we all know Darin keeps me level headed with that too, lol. On top of keeping an open mind while budgeting, I try to look for items that would work for both my personal style and for work. Thankfully, when I’m not travelling to a client site, my dress code while in the office is jeans casual- jeans and a nice shirt, a casual yet appropriate dress, etc. I knew I wanted to find shirts that didn’t show too much skin but were still fun enough that I could wear them to happy hour or date night. A bonus is when I can find a top that is even dressy enough to wear with slacks but can also be dressed down with my staple jeans. On top of all of that, I wanted to keep most of my wardrobe in the neutral color scheme. Now, by no means do I limit myself to buying only white, black, navy, army green, etc. But I wouldn’t buy anything that had an overly loud pattern or a top that had to be worn with certain pants because it had so much going on. Trust me, if I find something that I absolutely love, but it has a colorful print or a vibrant tone, I will definitely purchase it! But I try to keep in mind that I want to look for something that can work with multiple items. Throughout all of that, I ultimately wanted to convey my own personal style throughout my wardrobe – whether it was an athleisure wear outfit for a lazy Sunday or an outfit for work meetings. I wanted to incorporate pieces that showed I have a feminine and bubbly style; From ruffles and blush tones to accents of floral and flattering shapes.

In today’s world, it can be hard to get caught up in the moment’s trends and brand names. Don’t get me wrong, some trends are amazing and I hope they stay forever and if you can afford every designer pair of shoes, you go girl! But for myself, I have to stay grounded. Sometimes that means trying a trend at an inexpensive price just in case it doesn’t work out or finding a dupe for a designer bag. At the end of the day, I have to remember that as long as I feel good in what I’m wearing, then that’s a win. What may work for someone else, may not work for me, and vice versa. Fashion and personal style is all about expressing yourself and doing what works for you; what works for your budget, your career, your body shape, etc. To all of you non-believers out there that think you can’t achieve your personal style on a budget or that you can’t pull off the newest trend, YOU CAN! You do you and own it!

Personal Style

What I’m Wearing: Purple Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top

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