The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes… the thing I should do more often but don’t :). Truth be told, I only wash my makeup brushes every 2-4 weeks depending on when I remember or have time. Gross, I know :(. It’s crazy because some of my brushes I use every single day, so when I get around to cleaning them, I want to kick myself in the booty for not doing it sooner!

For awhile, I was cleaning my brushes with just soap and my hands. It helped a bit, but it definitely didn’t get all of the product gunked up in the brushes out. Then I discovered one of my HOLY GRAIL makeup products! So per usual, I was scouring Amazon for random beauty products and stumbled upon the Makeup Brush Egg. I was intrigued right away because it was LESS THAN $2. Yes, you heard me right! At that point, I figured even if the product wasn’t the best, it’d be worth a shot for only $2. I got it with my prime 2 days later and it was worth every penny! 🙂

It’s a silicone makeup brush cleaner that is perfect for keeping in your makeup bag because of its size. It can fit in the palm of my hand perfectly. I love the smaller bristles at the top for eye brushes that have smaller heads and the bigger grooves for my larger face brushes. The grooves really help to get every nook and cranny in the brush. I personally just put a facial cleanser on my brush (any gentle facial cleanser will work) and then lather the brush up in warm water and start to scrub my brush against the brush cleaner. Once I see that the water coming off of my brush is clear and clean, I move on to the next brush! It’s super quick and easy and that’s the main reason why I like it!If anyone else is a makeup/ beauty lover like me, I’ve seen some really great products for cleaning your brushes on the market, but I didn’t want to pay a whole lot. Yes, I know in the grand scheme of things, none of those products are really too expensive, but in my mind, I’d rather spend that on an actual makeup product. Anyone else agree, or just me, lol. 🙂 I mean, $2… how can you go wrong with that?! But, a few other makeup brush cleaners I have on my wishlist are: Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat and The Uniqcare Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner.

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