Inexpensive Amazon Gift Guide FOR HER

Amazon Gift Guide For Her

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. 😉 Hi loves! Can you believe Christmas is less than a month away?! I still can’t believe it and as always, I’ve been thinking about all of the gifts I’m going to give but haven’t purchased yet, lol. As I was thinking of the gift guides I wanted to share for my first year of blogging, I has SO many ideas come to mind. All my favorite bloggers come out with the cutest gift guides each year and those gave me a bunch of inspiration. But if I’m being completely honest (which I vow to always be with you guys 🙂 ), some/most of the items on those gift guides are not in my budget. Trust me, if I had the money to buy all my friends designer sunglasses, purses, etc, you know I’d do it!

I want to be as real as I can with you guys and I know there are others out there with the same or similar budget as myself and I wanted to share my ideas with those people in mind! And what better way to do so than not only sharing 20 gifts under $25 but gifts from AMAZON! I think I just heard angels singing when I typed “Amazon” lol, jk. But for reals, I’m obsessed with ordering anything and everything I can from Amazon (Prime addict). Who isn’t?! All but 3, yes 3, of these gifts are even under $20! So without further ad0, I hope you babes enjoy these Amazon finds and find something perfect for your friend, sister, mom, cousin, aunt, or even yourself! Oh and all of the below Amazon product pictures are clickable and will take you right to the listing 🙂


  • YOU GUYS! If you decide to treat yo self to just ONE GIFT, let it be this one! This belt is an exact dupe for the outrageously expensive, super trendy Gucci belt! I mean, this is a no brainer at less than $15! It comes in two other colors, so you might as well snag all three!

  • Ok so I recently discovered these and they’re da bomb! These would be a great add-on to any gift as a little something extra or even as a stocking stuffer! These invisibobbles remind me of my childhood for some reason, but they are hair ties that DON’T KINK YOUR HAIR! Hallelujah! Who else can agree that throwing your hair that you just styled into a pony, taking it down a few hours later, and seeing that ugly kink in your hair is the worst?! Because we all live on dry shampoo 😉 these are perfect to keep your style for much longer! I’ve linked the clear ones down below because they would work for any hair color, but they come in a bunch of colors! These clear ones are $7.95 for a pack of 3.
  • Don’t know what to get someone? This blanket is an easy gift for absolutely anyone in your life. Not to mention, how cute are those pom poms?! You could even throw in some hot cocoa and even a mug and you’ve given them an effortless cozy night! This pom pom blanket comes in more colors as well! This blanket is right under $20.
  • These rose gold studs are stunning! Rose gold is trendy right now and that jewelry lover or girly girl in your life could pair these with anything. These lovelies are only $8.29 and look much more expensive!
  • Any other coffee addicts/lovers out there?! I myself loooove collecting coffee cups and mugs because I use them daily! This pink and gold thermal mug is absolutely adorable and would make waking up just a tad bit easier! The mug is $18 and you could also add some Keurig K-Cups or some holiday coffee to complete this gift!
  • I have found a dupe for the Morphe brushes that I love: BS-MALL Brushes! These remind me so much of the Morphe brushes, and even though Morphe brushes are still on the inexpensive side, these are EVEN MORE inexpensive! I got these myself on an “Amazon Deal of the Day” for less than $5 and expected them to be sub-par. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these and I haven’t put them down since I got them. Right now they are less than $10 and BS-MALL has a bunch of different sets besides this one. Grab some for yourself and the makeup lover in your life! Also, I’m thinking about doing a review on these on ze blog, so comment below if that’s something you would want to see!
  • These letter light boxes and similar letter boards seem to be uber popular lately. I can’t scroll through my instagram feed without spotting one of these at least once! They’re so cute and come with letters, numbers and symbols to customize what you want to write. I think this gift would be perfect for an at home office, a girl boss, or even a college student! Plus, it’s less than $15!
  • How is this tote under $15?! I don’t know, but I’m diggin’ it! This tote is perfect for any girl in your life because we can all use a good tote- whether that’s for a laptop bag for work or school or your everyday purse! I love the tassel detail and this cream/beige shade, although it comes in tons of other colors! 
  • Blanket scarves… everyone has one/needs one! This blanket scarf is under $13 and is essential for the fall and winter to throw on and go! I have a few blanket scarves myself because they’re so versatile and can be worn so many different ways. I love the white and blue of this one, but it comes in a few other colors as well so you can choose one based on what colors the person you’re gifting for usually wears.

  • I am very busy… always 🙂 Who isn’t?! I’m a planner freak and have to have one to humanly function, lol. For all of those organizational freaks like myself who like to write everything down and have a planner to keep them sane, this planner is too cute! I love the pink (obvi) and it has tabs to separate the months, comes with cute stickers that make planning way more fun, and it’s the perfect size that can fit in most purses and isn’t going to be a huge thing you have to lug around. This planner is $20!
  • Everyone has an iPhone and everyone loves getting new phone cases, so this was an easy decision to add to the gift guide. Marble and rose gold are super trendy right now and I’ve seen similar cases to this one for much more! This case is made for 7+/8+ and comes in a bunch of other prints/colors. It comes in at right under $12 and this seller also sells identical cases for the regular iPhone 7/8 and even 6/6s!
  • I KNOW we all have a wine lover in our lives. I also KNOW we all have a dog lover in our lives! Can you guess which one I am (dogs all the way 😉 ) Well this gift combines those two loves into the most adorable wine charms I have ever seen! I mean, how cute are these little puppies that you can attach to your wine glass?! I might get some just to add to my regular glasses, lol. These charms are $15.84 and you could easily pair this with a bottle of wine to make for a perfect gift!
  • Got a traveler in your life?! I loooove this gift because I myself travel a ton for work and this luggage tag is not only darling at $10, but would help your luggage stand out in the carousel! You could also gift this to someone you know has an upcoming trip such as a honeymoon or getaway. 
  • I’ve seen a bunch of girls have these adorable puff balls hang from their keys or even their handbags and I’m loving it! This fur ball comes in lots of colors and makes a fun gift for anyone! Plus, this makes losing your keys a lot harder with this attached 🙂 This gift is only $7.15
  • Slippers are so underrated! I’m a slipper lover and I have to admit (with some shame) that I have worn slippers out in public, lol. Sue me! Anywho, these cozy, pretty blush slippers are another great gift for anyone! You could even gift these with the pom pom blanket I mentioned above or with a face mask for a pampered night in! Plus, how adorable is that feather detail?! These are right under $18 and come in an identical gray version as well.
  • Remember that makeup lover in your life I mentioned above when talking about the amazing brushes I love? Well, this is also for that person (or you) too! This makeup pillow is too cute for words! You could even gift it with the makeup brushes or a new lipgloss and you’re good to go! I especially like this gift because it’s super unique! This throw pillow is only $8.49!
  • Easy add on gift or small gift for the girl on the go- a card holder with a key ring! This would be ideal for someone in college in my opinion. They could store their ID and debit card, some change, and put this on their key ring and they’re good to go! I personally love using my card holder because then I don’t have a bulky wallet to carry around and it’s easy to grab n go. This cardholder in light gray is less than $9 and also comes in a few other colors!

Finally the gifts over $20, but still under $25!

  • Again, do you have a beauty lover in your life?! If not, I think this gift works for any girl, really! I myself have one of these on my Christmas list and they have been selling out everywhere else so fast and they’re a bit more pricey than this one! It’s a LED vanity tri-fold mirror! Perfect for getting up close and personal 🙂 This one is the cheapest I’ve seen at $21.99 and is marked as an Amazon #1 Best Seller!
  • Got a tech or music loving friend? Or even a fitness lover? These wireless/bluetooth headphones are great for that person in your life. Because it’s the absolute worst dropping your phone while your headphones are plugged in on the treadmill or trying to lift weights with your headphones attached to your phone. A great bonus to these is that the size is customizeable, the ear buds are magnetic which avoids tangling, and you can even buy a warranty for extra protection if you’d like. These headphones are $23.99.
  • Last, but not least, is this sporty yet girly Adidas hat. I love baseball hats to throw on for days when my hair isn’t looking it’s best or to even wear with jeans and a simple tee to spice it up! I love this pink one, but it comes in other colors too! Adidas is extremely popular right now and that fashionista or sporty girl in your life would rock this! This hat is the most expensive item on this gift guide at $24.

I had a blast scouring Amazon looking for these gifts and I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do! All of these gifts that I don’t already have I’ve added to my own Christmas wishlist 🙂 I’m even gifting some of these myself! You could even share this gift guide with someone who is asking what YOU want this year and you don’t have to worry about breaking their bank! Let me know in the comments down below which item(s) you’re going to gift to someone or get for yourself!

Xoxo Brittany

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