5 Tips to Look More Awake

Brittany Trautman 5 tips to look more awake

Hola chicas! Hope you all are doing well! I am out of town this week for work and working looong shifts. Needless to say, I look like a walking zombie. Travel + lack of sleep can really get to a girl…. which got me thinking 😉 Even though when I roll out of bed I feel like I have just fallen asleep and have such bad bags under my eyes they might as well be designer 🙂 , I have a few tips and tricks that help me look more awake than I actually am. Let’s be honest, even when I’m not traveling and working normal hours, I don’t always get a full night’s rest and sometimes even when I do, I look like I haven’t slept for days, lol. My skin is dull, my eyes look tired, bags for days, the list goes on and on. But through this, I’ve learned a few things about applying my makeup and using certain products that help disguise this and I figured this week would be the perfect week to share since I’ve been using these tips everyday! Because who doesn’t want to look like they got more sleep than they actually did? Whether that’s staying up late from binge watching Netflix, working on a project into the wee hours of the night, or maybe you’re a new mom that doesn’t get any sleep, these tips will be your new best friend!

First tip: De-puff/refresh your under eyes. I started using cooling eye gels for underneath my eyes this year and these are life changing! My personal favorites are the Skyn Iceland Gels and the Earth Therapeutics Hydrogel eye patches, but I know there are a lot out there on the market from inexpensive to higher end that do the same thing. Basically any cooling/de-puffing eye gel/patch is going to de-puff, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve blood flow (which plumps), reduce dark circles, and ultimately soothe and cool your under eye area. In return, it leaves that delicate area feeling refreshed and rejuvenated which allows you to look more awake and can aid in getting rid of those pesty bags and dark circles! Even if you’re not a sufferer of dark circles, bags, or puffy under eyes (lucky you, I’m jealous!), these feel so refreshing and amazing so I would still recommend them! I like to use these before I apply my makeup in the morning while getting ready. Also, a little trick I add is that I will occasionally use the gels more than once before tossing them. I use them, put them back in the package, and pop them in the freezer. This keeps them cool and it’s even more refreshing this way!

Second tip: Concealer, concealer, and more concealer. If you only take away one piece from this post, let it be this! I apply concealer in my every day makeup routine, however, when I notice my dark circles are particularly bad or I feel suuuuper exhausted, I like to double up on two types of concealers. Before I apply my regular highlighting concealer, I put a base down of color correcting concealer. My personal fav is the Benefit Erase Paste. Although, this product is now named Boi-ing Brightening Concealer, mine is just just the old version 🙂 It is an orange/salmon color that cancels out the dark/blue undertones of my dark circles. I pat this ONLY on my dark circle, not all over my entire under eye area. I use a thin layer because this concealer has a thicker consistency, so if I use too much, it will crease and look cakey. Then, I move onto my normal step of highlighting/concealing. I recommend using a shade or two lighter than your foundation/skin tone for under the eyes for the purpose of highlighting and brightening. My current fav is the Maybelline FaceStudio Master Conceal in shade light, and I’ve had my eye on the Tarte Shape Tape for awhile which is a cult favorite. I haven’t been able to get the Tarte Shape Tape in my desired shade, but I’ve heard the Maybelline Master Conceal is a drugstore dupe for it! Either of these will brighten the under eye area and make you look awake and like you got all the sleep in the world. I apply the concealer in a triangle under my eye and a little trick I add is I put it on my eyelids and blend it up towards the corner of my eyes towards my temples as well. My eyelids are naturally darker than the rest of my face, so when I blend my concealer in that area, again, it adds to the overall brightness of the eyes and helps aid in looking more awake. Then, by blending my concealer up towards my temples, this lifts the eye area as a whole. Almost like a mini facelift, lol. The combination of the salmon color corrector and the brightening shade of concealer gives an overall highlighted, lifted, and awake look to the eyes which is exactly what we want!

Third tip: Nude eyeliner in your waterline. I often don’t wear any eyeliner in my bottom water line because I find that it makes my eyes look smaller, which I personally don’t like on myself. Instead, I apply shadow on my bottom lash line which helps to define it but isn’t as harsh as a black eyeliner in the waterline. But on days where I want to look extra, extra awake, I will still apply my normal dark brown shadow to my lower lash line, but I’ll also add a nude eyeliner to the bottom waterline. When I first saw someone try this, I thought it would look odd on me, but I actually love it! It completely brightens the eye itself and makes your eyes look fresh and awake. I find that when extreme exhaustion has kicked in, my eyes get bloodshot and my waterline is actually red so the nude liner disguises this! I’ve even seen some beauty gurus also use white eyeliner in their water line which has the same affect, but that is personally too stark for me so the nude is a great alternative! Some of my fav nude liners are the Essence Eye Pencil in Silky Nude and the NYX Wonder Pencil in Light.

Fourth tip: Brighten with eye shadow. I do this in my every day makeup routine, but when I’m extra tired, I just amp it up! I use a cream/bone colored shadow in the inner corner of my eye because this area tends to have shadow and darkness. This really helps to brighten that area. I also apply this same color to my brow bone because this lifts the eye as a whole. My fav eye shadow for this is the NYX single shadow in shade Vixen. If you’re a little fairer in skin tone than me, you could go even lighter and try an off white or even white eye shadow for this. Sometimes I go a step further and apply my fav highlighter in these same areas on top of the cream shadow. This not only ties in with the highlighter on my cheek bones, making the whole face cohesive, but it also adds a pop of shimmer to this area which obviously brightens in return! In my Holy Grail Makeup Post, I raved about my fav highlighter, Opal by Becca Cosmetics and this is the highlighter I use for this step!

Fifth tip: Skin mist. If you don’t already know, I’m an oily skin girl, and I usually stick to my NYX matte finish setting spray to set my makeup (chatted about this product in this post). But again, when the zombie is in full effect and I know I don’t have a fancy occasion or I won’t be hot/sweaty, I swap out my matte setting spray for the Mario Badescu Facial Spray. Not only does this smell like a dream, but it has SO many purposes. When I need a pick me up for my skin, I’ll spray this before applying my makeup and it literally wakes me up, lol. It feels amazing 🙂 I also use it to set my makeup when I’m done too. By using this instead of a matte setting spray, it gives a healthy looking glow to the skin that makes you look like you got all the beauty rest in the world! I love to carry this stuff in my purse and re-spray in the middle of the day to re-hydrate, add dewiness, and give myself a little pick me up if my coffee isn’t working, lol. This stuff is also great for dry hair I’ve heard, but I haven’t tried it for that purpose myself. There are a million ways to use this product. Also, this spray is great for all skin types and is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

These five steps added to my makeup routine on days when I look like a hot mess really do make a difference. They not only make my skin feel more hydrated and awake, but they help me look awake and put together even when I barely get any sleep! Because let’s be honest, there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete every item on our to-do list’s. My favorite thing is that these steps make my skin look like a better version of itself without making it look cakey, dry, or dull. Also, if you’re a coffee lover like me, just add coffee to the end of these five steps and you’ll really feel awake!! 😉 Let me know what your favorite way to look awake is down below!




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